Our Environment

An Overview of Our Products and How They Relate to Our Environment



We are all becoming more sensitive to the types of products that we use on a daily basis and their effect on the environment. Gunther Mele has taken bold steps to reduce the impact that our products have on the planet. While we do not have all of the answers, we are confident that these initial positive steps are industry leading and we strive to develop new products that further our initiative to reduce waste and to become more environmentally friendly.



With this we introduce EcoChic. EcoChic and the EcoChic logo identify products which we feel meet the criteria of being earth-friendly. Look for this logo throughout our catalogue to find the earth friendly packaging solutions to best suit your needs.


Box Board Products (Folding Gift Boxes, Apparel Boxes, Paper Jewellery Boxes.)

These boxes are made from 100% recycled content, usually from old newspapers, old corrugated boxes, computer paper and left over material from converting cartons into packaging (box trim).

These boxes can also be recycled once used.

Plastic Bags

In 2007, Gunther Mele introduced Oxo-biodegradable poly bags. We call them Controlled Life Span poly bags. These bags, look, feel and perform the same as conventional poly bags but will biodegrade in approximately 2 – 4 years. We have been astounded by the early success of this option and will continue to expand our stock offering to include more of this important product.

To serve customer requests for lower costs and greater product longevity, we continue to offer conventional poly bags made from polyethylene that is recyclable in proper recycling facilities. We recommend high density poly (HDPE 2) as the most widely accepted poly resin in municipal recycling programs. Visit www.gunthermele.com for more information on municipalities that accept poly bags in their recycling programs.

Paper Bags (Shopping Bags)

Our new custom line of simply paper shoppers can be made from recycled paper (100% post-consumer) and like all of our paper shoppers are recyclable.

We have a stock line of bags utilizing 100% post-consumer materials.   

Euro Totes (Laminated Bags)

These high-end boutique bags are reusable and are intended for long term use and retention.

Most of these bags are laminated with a thin layer of polyethylene. This adds durability and strength to these bags. This reusable feature makes these bags environmentally friendly.

These bags are recyclable in most municipal curbside recycling programs.

We offer FSC® Forest Stewardship Council® FSC® C171280 certified paper which can be used in the production of your custom order.

Poly Fibre Shopping Bags & Garment Covers

These bags are the ultimate reusable bag and have gained great acceptance among the general public as the standard for reusable shopping bags.

In addition to our standard poly fibre bags, Gunther Mele has launched an enhanced style of this bag that is laminated with a thin poly layer that allows for vibrant colour graphics and provides a layer of water resistance to the bags increasing durability and visibility.

Tissue Paper

Currently, our stock tissue paper is not made from post consumer material. We are investigating options to make this program more planet friendly.

Gift Wrap

We are proud to introduce dozens of new designs that are printed on 100% post-consumer paper.

Jewellery Cleaner

Since 1999, we have been offering 100% non-toxic jewellery cleaners. Our Blitz line of cleaners and cloths do not use any harmful or toxic chemicals to clean and restore the finest jewellery.

Jewellery Packaging

Hinged jewellery packaging is reusable and an excellent way to store precious jewellery.

Many people use our boxes and pouches as convenient travel items for their jewellery.

Beginning in 2008, we will be offering jewellery packaging that incorporates the use of bamboo, a highly managed and renewable resource, and non-lacquered finishes to improve product decomposition.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamped foils are recyclable and biodegradable and the materials used in making the foils are compatible with the de-inking process that is typically used to recycle paper and board stock.


The majority of our products use non-solvent based, water soluble inks. If this is of importance to you, please inquire regarding specific products to ensure that the right ink is being used for your product.


If you require more detailed information then we encourage you to e-mail your questions to environmental@gunthermele.com